Rio Nanay

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  The Nanay River in Perú can be found 2.2 miles away from the city of Iquitos, Department of Loreto, in the northern part of the Peruvian jungle.  The northern boundaries of the Peruvian jungle are adjacent to Ecuador and Colombia and its eastern boundaries are adjacent to Brazil.  Iquitos lies between the intersection of the Nanay River and the Itaya River  


In the early seventies, Acuario Bustamante, a well-established tropical fish export company in Iquitos, decided to breed one of the most attractive fish of the region: wild discus.   This company began by gathering the best species of wild discus from the Putumayo River (Colombia and Perú borderline) and the most colorful species from the Tefé and Iça Rivers from Brazil. Acuario Bustamante collected thousands of high quality wild discus for breeding purposes.  They contained these wild discus fish in a man-made oxbow lake (known as “cochas”) in the Moronococha area.   Certainly, Acuario Bustamante knew of the excellence of the water conditions in the Nanay River which were ideal for breeding purposes. 

Unfortunately for Acuario Bustamante, while these wild discus were kept in captivity for a few months, the rainy season started.  The water levels began to rise in the cochas without any warning and this caused the dam to erupt.  As a result, these colorful discus were poured into the Nanay River.


Rio Nanay


A few years later, the Coriat Brothers, another large exporter of tropical fish, transported a shipment of wild discus by seaplane from the Putumayo River to Iquitos.  During that flight, the Coriat Brothers were forced to land in the Nanay River because of a technical failure due to overload shipment.   As a result of this unforeseen aircraft emergency, the Coriat Brothers had no other option than to dump approximately 30 boxes of wild discus into the Nanay River.   This was the second introduction of wild discus population into the Nanay River.

Today, the population of discus has increased considerably in the Nanay River and nobody can deny that the Nanay River is the natural habitat of the most beautiful wild discus such as the red spotted green.



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